Karijini to Broome

After John and Julie left us to return to Perth, Chris and I camped for a few days in each of the Karijini and Millstream-Chichester National Parks and then had a long drive to Broome.

Karajini and Millstream
Our long journeys at Karijini and Millstream. (Karijini has been misspelt in the map – sorry)

These National Parks are, for Western Australia, close together but they are very different. Their name give a clue – Karijini is different, “foreign”, Millstream is familiar, homely. Karijini is highland and a place to visit, Millstream lowland and a place to stay; Karijini is spectacular, Millstream is subtle. But what you go to see is the water and features made by water. You do not stay long in Western Australia before you find yourself going to great efforts to look at a piece of water. And usually it is well worth doing!