We had booked, through Brittany Ferries, to stay at a small hotel in Lierganes, a village about twenty miles from Santander. This was the Casona El Arral which proved to be a very comfortable and welcoming place to stay.

Hotel Casona El Arral

Our hotel in Lierganes – the Casona El Arral

The building on the left of the hotel is a small chapel. The whole complex was once a religious school. Lierganes is a very pretty village, a popular destination with Spanish people. The owners of the hotel were unusual in speaking English – most of the locals don’t. It is in very pretty countryside which, for Spain, is very green. This is not very surprising as there was a lot of rain while we were there and the temperatures were unseasonably cool.


The modern part of Lierganes and the distinctive hill overlooking the town

The older part of town, where our hotel was, has many old, stone built houses. Almost every one has a family crest, to let you know that it is not just anyone living there! Strangely enough Lierganes main claim to fame is that it has a very old cannon factory which covered much of the village. The owners of the hotel have foubd cannon balls in their garden.


The cannon factory, Lierganes. Note the cannons at the corners.

Many of the buildings look as if they are second homes, used at weekends and for holidays. And, given the state of the Spanish economy, many are for sale. But it does look very well cared for.


In the older part of Lierganes

Lierganes is on the River Miera and has an old and beautiful bridge which is well looked after.


The bridge over the Miera


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