Santander and Bordeaux

On 17th May 2013 Chris and I drove to Portsmouth to catch the Brittany Ferries “Cap Finisterre” to Santander. We were off on another of our retirement holidays.

This one was inspired by a geological excursion, organised by the Geologists’ Association (the GA) to the Bordelais looking at the areas geology and its affect on the main agricultural product of the region – wine. We could have done the excursion by flying to and from Bordeaux, but we decided to make it more of an adventure by using the ferry, staying near Santander for almost a week so we could explore a part of Spain we knew not at all, drive to Bordeaux for the excursion, drive back to Spain and Bilbao, visit the Guggenheim, then back on the ferry and home. we would be away from home for just sixteen days. And we would be able to carry a reasonable quantity of wine back with us!

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A look at the village we stayed in.

Caves, Beaches and Tourist Traps – Saturday 19th May

Paleolithic cave paintings, a lovely (cold) beach and Cantabria’s equivalent of a Cotswold village.