We are on our own!

Monday, 19 August 2013

We are in Karajini National Park which is in the Pilbara way up north in Western Australia. It’s a bit west of Newman and a bit east of Tom Price. And we are having a wonderful time.

We arrived in Perth on Saturday 3rd August and spent the next seven days recovering from jet lag and gathering the things we needed for our trip up north. We were staying with John and Ann Bunting who looked after us very hospitably. We also met up with Julie Ferguson who would be coming with us, along with John. John and Julie’s task was to introduce us to the ways of bush camping and this they certainly did!

Our most essential acquisition was four wheel drive vehicle and Thrifty Car Hire certainly gave us something which looks the part, complete with roo bar, CB radio, two spare tyres and a flashing light on the roof. It is a Toyota Prado which is one step down from the Land Cruiser.

We set off from Perth, in two vehicles, on the morning of Saturday 10th and headed north. I will be giving a more detailed account when I have uploaded my photos, sufficient to say we wild camped for six nights as we visited various places along our route. We discovered wild camping to be great fun and surprisingly comfortable. We have good swags, each with two mattresses, a sleeping bag with liner and pillows. John proved to be an inspired bush cook and our food great. It felt good to be sleeping under the stars and seeing the Milky Way, learning how to find south using the Southern Cross and the Pointers.

On Friday John and Julie left us just outside Karajini Park to head back to Perth. It’s almost 1100 km in a straight line and they expected to take two days to do it. We were sorry to see them go but we were looking forward to putting what they had showed us into practice. We went into the park and decided to camp at the Eco Retreat campsite – no wild camping inside a National Park!

We have been exploring the gorges in the park and they are fantastic. We have spider walked through slot canyons, swum in the cool waters of pools hidden at the bottom of narrow gorges and had a great time.

We are headed for Millstream and Chichester Range National Park, via Tom Price, tomorrow.

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