WEGA in the North West Highlands Geopark

WEGA, the West of England group of the Geologists’ Association, organised an excursion to the classical geology area of the North West Highlands of Scotland in April / May 2019. “Organise” is putting it rather highly – participants had to arrange their own accommodation in Ullapool, also their transport to the village. And the leader, geological teacher and mini bus driver was supplied by the Geopark. Also the Geopark provided the mini bus! All in all a relatively easy way to organise an excursion! Mind You, John McLellan, WEGA’s Field Secretary, had a great deal to do inspiring and directing the trip and helping various participants make their arrangements.

As mentioned the Geopark provided our leader, teacher and bus driver, all embodied in the person of Pete Harrison who provided geological knowledge, local knowledge and infinite patience to a group of very varied geological expertise.
We spent 6 days travelling all over the North West Highlands. Some days were spent outside the boundaries of the park. We were based in Ullapool and each day started and ended there. We got as far north as Durness, as far west as Stoer. Corrishalloch was our south eastern limit. A map of our travels is seen below. My GPS recorded all our travels.

I have created a page for each day of our excursion. The links below will take you to them.

The guide book used for the excursion was “A Geological Excursion Guide to the North-West Highlands of Scotland” Edited by Kathryn M. Goodenough and Maarten Krabbendam. Published by the Edinburgh Geological Society.  ISBN: 978 1 905267 53 8

This book is available from AMAZON and other bookshops.