A Walk in the Dolomites

Friday - San Candido Circuit

On Friday 14th July we woke up to a rather changeable day. There was quite a lot of cloud but we only got rained on once, on our way down to lunch. Most of the walk was through pleasant woodland with sudden, unexpected views of the magnificent Dolomites. I will tell the tale mostly in the captions of my photos but first a map showing our route and how it diverged (not very much!) from that suggested by On Foot Holidays.

Our route (the BLUE line) compared to the On Foot Holidays suggested route (the RED line). The numbers are where the photos were taken (approximately!).

Our hotel in San Candido

Photo 1:- Our hotel in San Candido

Walking through the woods

Photo 2:- Walking through the woods and finding unexpected views of the Dolomites

View from the path

Photo 3:- A telephoto shot of the castellated summits of the Dolomites

Capello del Bosco
Capello del Bosco - interior

Photos 4 and 5:- The Capello del Bosco - a chapel built by local farmers during the First World War

San Candido from the south east

Photo 6:- San Candido from the south east. Green meadows and pine woods.

We lost our way on the descent towards our lunch stop at Versciaco but it made little difference as all paths led to the village. We had been dawdling all morning so we got to On Foots recommended bar just after 2 and the chef had just gone home. But along the road was  the Helmhotel where we got a very good meal and were introduced to the delights of grappa and peach vodka!

Photo 7:- The mountains behind San Candido. I wonder how they got the cross up there!

Mountains south east of San Candido

Photo 8:- The mountains we will be walking beneath tomorrow!

The village band starting the San Candido annual festival

Photo 9:- The village band opening the San Candido Festival.

Our first day walking was a good introduction to our holiday in the Dolomites. The walking was sometimes steep but well within our capabilities. The route was easy to find - our one digression was a minor one. And the views were breath-taking!

San Candido was a good place to stay. Lots of shops and a chemist with the largest stock of Compeed known to man! The Post Hotel was exceptional and was the best of the trip - but the others were very good! And the village festival was the icing on the cake - lots of free (and noisy) entertainment after we finished our dinner.

We slept well and woke ready for our next days walking.



All of this days photos can be found HERE.

On Foot give figures for the walking distance of their route and how much uphill is involved. I can get similar figures from my GPS, and they are given in the accompanying table. My figures are always greater as our route is slightly different from theirs and, when not moving, the inaccuracies of GPS technology mean that every 5 seconds (that’s how often my GPS records its position) the position changes by a couple of metres. This accumulates and the accuracy of positioning deteriorates in woodland and near signal reflecting cliffs. The same applies to the height measurements.




Friday Distance Height Gained
On Foot's Figures 14km 735m
My GPS 21.7km 885m


Friday - San Candido Circuit

Saturday - San Candido to Rifugio

Sunday - Rifugio to Misurina

Monday - Tre Cime Circuit

Tuesday - Citta di Carpi Circut

Wednesday - Val d'Ansiei to Cortina

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