A Walk in the Dolomites

A Small Problem with Buses

As mentioned HERE we missed our bus back to Misurina. However we found another bus which was going back to Dobbiaco but, we were assured, would go via Misurina. Perhaps the driver said it would go near Misurina, but our language skills did not pick that up.

We set off and at the nearest point to Misurina the driver said nothing and headed for Dobbiaco. It took a moment or two for us to realise we were heading in the wrong direction. We managed to get the driver to stop and then had a walk back along the road. We were not best pleased with the driver.

It was discordant end to what had been a very good day.


Friday - San Candido Circuit

Saturday - San Candido to Rifugio

Sunday - Rifugio to Misurina

Monday - Tre Cime Circuit

Tuesday - Citta di Carpi Circut

Wednesday - Val d'Ansiei to Cortina

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