A Walk in the Dolomites

Wednesday - Val d'Ansiei to Cortina d'Ampezzo

As originally designed, yesterday we should have walked from Misurina to the Hotel Cristallo at Val d'Ansiei. But because the Cristallo was unavailable, we did the Citta di Carpi walk instead. So, to get us back on track, a taxi took us (and our luggage) to the Cristallo where we started our fairly easy walk to Cortina. Meanwhile our luggage continued to our hotel (the Ambra) in Cortina.

The walk took us from bucolic countryside to sophisticated Cortina. And via a nice, if expensive, lunch at Malga Larieto.

Photo 1:- You don't need to walk far to find something photogenic.

Photo 2:- You can see why the Dolomites are a magnet for climbers.

Photo 3:- Another photo. The same mountain.

Chris defeats Mussolini's tank trap!

Photo 4:- Chris crosses Mussolini's tank traps. These were built to stop German tanks but later developments made them redundant.

Photo 5:- Mountain scenery.

Photo 6:- The mountains behind Cortina.

Photo 7:- More mountains.

Photo 8:- At the edge of Cortina.

Getting to Cortina was the end of the walk but not the end of our holiday. We stayed an extra night in the Hotel Ambra and had a restful day in town. We needed it as Central Cortina can be noisy at night! A speciality is collecting rubbish bins, particularly those with bottles, at midnight. The Ambra is a good hotel and the rubbish was not theirs, so they are not to blame. But we wish it was quieter!

So after a magnificent holiday where the holiday was better than we expected and we were better than we thought (think of the descent of the Passo Grand dei Rondoi!) we parted company with B & P. They headed for Verona and Opera, we headed for Salzburg and Sacher Torte.


All of this days photos can be found HERE.

And here are today’s distances walked and heights climbed.




Wednesday Distance Height Gained
On Foot's Figures 14km 450m
My GPS 17.3km 592m



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Wednesday - Val d'Ansiei to Cortina

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