WEGA in the North West United States



Day 8




After a long flight, fifteen people gathered in a hotel near Seattle Airport. We were part of an excursion, organised by WEGA (the West of England group of the Geologists' Association) to look at the geology of the North West part of the USA. The leader of the group was Dr. Doug Robinson, lately of the Earth Sciences Department of Bristol University and Chairman of WEGA.


We were to travel by self driven hired cars from Seattle to Denver by way of:-

  • Mt St Helens
  • Mt Ranier
  • The Scablands
  • Craters of the Moon
  • Yellowstone


The Geological Background

Doug Robinson, as is his wont, provided us with a couple of superb handouts. There is a short (only 9 pages!) canter through the geology of North America, especially the western part. You can download it HERE.

And he also provided a 70 page blockbuster giving details of most of the places we visited. Virtually all the geology which you will find on this web site comes from this. You can get it from HERE.

There is also a handout showing all the details of routes, hotels, restaurants to be used along the route. It will probably be out of date by now but you can get it HERE.

May 29th to June 11th 2016

  • Grand Tetons
  • Fossil Butte
  • Flaming Gorge
  • Dinosaur N.M.
  • Rocky Mountain N.P.
  • Rocky Mountain Front


Then fly back to London from Denver Airport.


And we accomplished all that, covering over 4,200 km of driving, staying in twelve different hotels and, in my case, taking over 1600 photographs!


The map below shows our route. It can be scrolled and zoomed. It shows the route as recorded by my GPS. If you zoom in you can see all the places we stopped, where we walked, and all the wrong turnings we took!

WEGA in the North West United States