by David R. Bridgland

Good morning everyone

Less from me today.  Another great day, but decidedly thin on the gravel front!  Tortoises and butterflies are always good on the crystal walk, however.  I have sent a translated (German) version of Alison’s description of the mineralization to Ali Seyrek, our Turkish soil scientist and mineralogist (PhD München) from Harran University, Sanliurfa, to see whether he has any words of wisdom to add (did you spot Alison’s massive hint?).  If he has, they’ll need Google-translation in the other direction.

A highlight at Kekova is the very clear evidence of subsidence of the sunken city, with floors and staircases hewn from the rocks disappearing below water level.  Although linked with known earthquakes, we can also ask whether this is related to the subsidence seen yesterday at Myra, which is just a few kilometres along the coast to the east.  You won’t see me swimming though.  I might like rivers but I don’t like water.  I do like seafood, however – more great fish to look forward to today.