Friday – San Candido Circuit

Saturday – San Candido to Rifugio

Sunday – Rifugio to Misurina

Monday – Tre Cime Circuit

Tuesday – Citta di Carpi Circuit

Wednesday – Val d’Ansiei to Cortina

Other Stuff


On Thursday the 13th July we arrived at the Post Hotel in San Candido (or Innichen as it is known to the German speakers of the Alto Adige region of Northern Italy). We had come to walk through the Dolomites to Cortina d’Ampezzo on a holiday organised by On Foot Holidays. You can find the details of our particular route HERE.

Chris and I had got to San Candido by rail as had the other couple (B and P), although by different routes. We travelled from London to Munich in one day via Brussels and Frankfurt. After a stay in Munich we travelled to San Candido via Innsbruck (where B and P joined our train) and Fortezza where we caught the local train to our destination. B and P travelled to Zurich via Paris, stayed overnight and continued to Innsbruck the next day. Loco2 arranged our tickets, Railbookers did the same for B and P.

One of the good things about On Foot Holidays is that they send you the routes you will walk as maps and as GPS files. The ones they sent us are shown on the map below.

Unfortunately the original of this web page got lost some time ago. What we have here was retrieved from the invaluable WayBack Machine of The text of web sites is archived, but not other stuff. So the routes are not available. But the other pages of our walk show you all you really need.

The other pages about the Dolomites were created using Adobe Muse, software which has been discontinued, this one was created in WordPress. The only penalty is that I cannot change the menus in the Muse made pages. Therefore this page cannot be reached from them. But there is not a great deal on this page.

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