by David R. Bridgland

Déjà vu for me today – the first time I came the only bad weather of the trip prevented us taking in any views of the mountains on the way back to Antalya as we travelled through rain and low cloud.  I won’t comment on the chromite (not my bag), except to say that I don’t fancy its chances of surviving to become rudaceous fluvial clasts.  I was there for the first ever visit to the mushroom restaurant – a game changer!  I have a picture of what I think was a mushroom-based dessert.

Mushroom dessert

Karain cave is much more to my liking, it being an important archaeological site.  Those karstic features visible on the limestone surfaces on the walk up to the cave are solution flutes (or rillenkarren) – just to show that I read Alison’s stuff.  There are numerous worked flakes strewn on the surfaces inside and outside of the cave (see my picture, which shows a few collected together during the 2016 visit.  This is perhaps surprising, given that this is an important site, but really it is probably a reflection of how prolific such finds are here.

Worked flakes

But first we have a final day with another ancient city and some more GRAVEL!