Middle Lagoon

July 22, 2014Graeme Churchard

Sunday 15th to Monday 16th September 2013

After a regrouping for a couple of days in Broome – 3 machines at the laundromat!, eating at Matso’s, buying pearls, looking at the very hippyish street market, replenishing our food stocks – we set off for Middle Lagoon on the Dampier Peninsula.

Most of the journey was on dirt roads or, more accurately, sand roads. These were rather challenging as it was difficult to see shadows and therefore undulations came as a surprise. And some of the undulations were large! However we managed to stay on the road and got to Middle Lagoon unharmed.

HERE is a link to our route from Broome to Middle Lagoon. Open with Google Earth once downloaded.

Geological map of part of the Dampier Peinsula

The geological map confirms my impression that the Dampier Peninsula is a pile of sand anchored by bits of Cretaceous rock!

On arrival at the caravan and camp site we were told that a salt water croc had been see a few days earlier and therefore sea bathing was discouraged – not a great loss for us. We pitched our tent and went to look at the beach.

Chris on the beach, Middle Lagoon
Chris on the beach, Middle Lagoon. Note the line of rocks going through her head. I think that is an aboriginal fish trap.

The tide was out and there were great areas of sand exposed. At one bay, just below our tent, we saw a line of stones across the bay which, I suspect, was a fish trap. At high tide the fish go to the landward side of the trap. As the tide falls they are trapped in the ever diminishing pool of water and can be collected at your leisure. The dam is incomplete and we did not see any trapped fish.

Chris on the beach, Middle Lagoon
Chris on the beach, Middle Lagoon

After supper I was using a toothpick and out came a large filling! I was from a molar and was not painful, but I decided That I needed to get it fixed soon.

The next day I went for a long walk along the beach. Once I was away from the camp site I was on my own. Lovely, lonely beaches seem to be an Australian speciality! And once again I noticed that the headlands, protecting the coast are Cretaceous sandstone. Everything else is sand.

HERE is a link to my wanderings at Middle Lagoon. Open with Google Earth once downloaded.

The beach at Middle Lagoon
Looking back towards the camp site from the beach at Middle Lagoon
The beach at Middle Lagoon
Looking away from the camp site along the beach at Middle Lagoon

After my walk Chris and I decided to sit on the beach – not one of our favourite occupations – and enjoy the sun.

Chris on the beach, Middle Lagoon
On the beach. we were not disturbed by crocodiles or anything else.

As you may gather, neither Chris nor I are beach people, so we began to think that a return to Perth along the coast might not be what we wanted.

But here is one last look at the beach at Middle Lagoon, with some mangroves!

The beach at Middle Lagoon
Mangroves on the beach, middle Lagoon